About Us

Glen grew up surrounded by the construction industry. He learned to drive on a water truck while working for his father's residential construction company in Utah. Summers and afternoons during the school year were filled with construction and learning the trades from the ground up. 

Glen attended Utah Valley University and earned a degree in Construction Management where he began his career in commercial construction. Glen quickly learned his true passion is working with homeowners in residential construction, so he set out to create his own company that focuses on single family homes. G Squared Construction was established in 2015 with the help and support of Glen's wife Kellyn. Together they work to continually improve G Squared Construction to provide for their family's recent addition, Bennett.

Glen strives to instill the same values in G Squared Construction that he lives by in his personal life. Hard work, integrity, and consideration of others are the foundational principles of every aspect of Glen's life. While Glen aims to continue growing G Squared Construction, Glen is committed to ensuring these values grow with the company.

Glen loves going to work every day and most enjoys working on a personal level with clients. He loves sharing his passion for building with clients and working hand in hand with them to construct high-quality homes. The ultimate reward for Glen is to see homeowners' dreams, that were once only on paper, built and enhancing their daily lives.